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A few days ago I was in Belize City and this is a list of bus drivers on the depot wall.

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Dog on a Hot Tin Roof !

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Sometimes A pretty picture

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Activity is low right now, trying to work on my bloody text !

So I need to sit down and write the text to my Settlers book in the coming days, while at the same time work on the layout of another book. I thought it would be nice to sit here in the sn and do all of this, but now I’m not sure. I have actually written the text, it only needs revision at this stage so it should all be OK.

On another note I’ve been reading a lot about gallery’s in Chelsea, New York in the last couple of weeks. About how mid-level spaces are closing due to increased rents and how this is driving a new commercialisation. I thought the commercialisation arrived as soon as everyone moved to Chelsea. Don’t get me wrong you can see good experimental art in Chelsea but not so much now a days. Maybe the past always seems better. I have been able to survive without a gallery for years now and get on OK. It’s an interesting view point to watch it all from that’s for sure. Quite where the current gallery/art fair/ uber curator system is headed I don’t know but I think perhaps it is time for change.

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Right now I’m in Central America and when I find internet it is slow but i will try to upload what i can and when I find faster I’ll upload more. In the meantime I may bore you with the occasional thought.

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