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Some pictures of the show in Tel Aviv, more to follow…

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So finally today the book I made with Lee about his working process and many other things finally goes for scanning today. It will be published in September. I’ve waited until all the cheap cash-ins have finished and hopefully people will see his work how he wanted in a book which was edited my the man himself along with me of course, it was quite a fight at times but the results are well worth it I think.

I'm back already, in full effect today, this is The knife's new single and it's amazing. today is the first day its up on Youtube so enjoy and share...xxx

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Last picture for today, I will try to add 10 pictures a day for the next few days until i run out of anything worth sharing, I may be back with some thoughts as well. I actually feel like writing for the first time in a while. Maybe this is because I feel the weather starting to change, it was light here until 5pm yesterday, but also i think a week in the sun really helped.

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