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Tomorrow is a travel day but I will try to post some pictures in the morning before I leave…

Rain on the roof is keeping me awake, I guess I shouldn’t have a glass roof if I want to sleep. The thing is I like it, trouble is I will be exhausted in the morning…


I found this yesterday, trying to work out how I feel about people offering my books as free downloads, it is going to get more difficult to get them out in the future if this is happening. But lots more people will see them I guess, how this will effect my hand to mouth existence I am not sure.

Today I saw bluebell woods stretching out across the Chilterns and beyond down into the Vale of Oxford, a sight that can’t of changed for hundreds of years. I felt the calm and as I looked skywards I watched the Kites rising on the thermals above the hollow hills. A Magpie appeared in the corner of my eye and I worried that I won’t see another one luckily but I did. So with my superstition satisfied I was able to head to the M40 and head east back to the city, back to London.

This song was written in 1985 for the mothers of the disappeared in Central America, today I am playing it for the people of Bahrain as they fight for freedom…shame on Formula 1

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