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Victoria Park Skate park

photo 377x282 Victoria Park Skate park

The new skate park in Victoria Park, London, it is not open yet but it’s easy to get in after 5pm. I have to say it’s pretty awesome, and Simon Porter if you see this please note on the left it has a full pipe like Uplands! What more could a middle aged youth like myself want from life ?

Thanks to Nick Hancock for the image.

Paul Strand 100 years ago

P1390131 377x251 Paul Strand 100 years ago

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If the world as we know it is just about to end it seems like the perfect moment for a Union Jack flying over the City of London.

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more worries

So here’s my worry, a friend of mine tells me after 50 he completely lost his sex drive… then another friend says it has just happened to him at 48… I’m  46, …what the fuck, there is no way this shit is going to happen to me…I can’t even begin to imagine what the fucking point is…

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This is the Jerusalem village of Adu Dis, many lovely people I like very much live here, I know that some of you read this blog, I am thinking of you always my friends…

Mr. Josef Koudelka ! Dale Farm needs you now mate

P1000175 377x251 Mr. Josef Koudelka ! Dale Farm needs you now mate

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