Things may be slow here over the next coule of days while I find my feet. I am hopefully going to ATP in Asbury Park, new Jersey tomorrow to see Public Enemy and Portishead among others acts. Also prior to that I have a book signing for ‘Surf Riot at PS1 here in New York at 3pm I think, so if you want to say hi, come along. In the meantime I will be doing anything that stops me working on the Catalogue text for my show that opens in London on 1st December. More of that in the coming days…

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Back in NYC…

Why does photography have to exist in a vacuum, I heard someone complaining that photography is getting to arty ? It is part of art of does not stand alone, that is why is only a component of my work, as and when I need to use other media I do. Perhaps it would be better to say I use whatever media best suits my purpose, but then again i am not trying to use photography to makeĀ  living, I am only intersted in making art, that’s why I am broke all the time, but broke on my own terms.

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An Israeli water heater that became a Palestinian racing car in the refugee camp at Adu Dis just outside the Wall in Jerusalem. I have just had the work shipped to the UK fr my show at SEE STUDIO opening 1st December here in The Wick.

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Water Heaters by The Wall just outside Pisgat Ze’ev, Jerusalem, some of which I used in my Water Heater/Racing Car work which is going to be on show here in London from 1st Dec. I will start to write about this project as I get the catalogue ready for publication. So everyone is welcome at the opening wherever in the world you are…

Adu Dis, Jerusalem

P10001071 377x251 Adu Dis, Jerusalem

I feel like this has been a day away from the blog even through I posted this morning, tomorrow is a travel day as I head back to NYC so I will share to share something of world shattering importance when I wake up. Right now I am sad that I won’t see my son for a while, I just dropped him off with his mother… always a hard one but we had fun as usual on this warm end of summer night.

Finally my last day in London, I’ve been here on and off for 2 months now but it seems like much longer. Of course summer has arrived just as I’m going, it seems that UK summers are now April and September with a rainy season inbetween. I intend to make the most of my last day, painting this morning, followed by taking Dan to the park after school. I will round the day of with the Arsenal match coupled with Lucy’s birthday, before packing late tonight. If this all goes to plan what a day…

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