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1977 to 2011

still angry

as i’ve gone more local here in Spain i feel like I’m not putting the effort into this. I Feel I have managed at least 3 posts a day most days, so you can all fuck off. But you know I’m not like that, only joking.  I feel bad if I’m not giving you the love you deserve, please be happy for me and remember I am always with you

I wish I hadn’t taken up on this art thing, I should of been a Guru, a mini Messiah, lived on the beach in India shagging and smoking weed while meeting western twats in need of more, but where is the real love in that ? so I struggle on lonely, helpless just for you…

Can  have another wine please..

Here in Ibiza it’s Kids Vs. Lizards

P1380066 377x251 Here in Ibiza its Kids Vs. Lizards

P1380073 377x251 Here in Ibiza its Kids Vs. Lizards

P1380076 e1311875155711 377x564 Here in Ibiza its Kids Vs. Lizards

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I needed to get away from the Ibiza pictures and this was amongst stuff for a book I’m making, the funny thing is i have no memory of this gig,  have doudle checked with others and I was there so it goes….

I do remember other ‘Joke” gigs at the time, I am running out of battery bon my laptop so I need to be quick. i love you stop being contrite baby

bye for now xxx

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All exits are final

P1370870 e1311703538508 377x564 All exits are final

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