Cicale Ibiza this Evening

P1380922 377x251 Cicale Ibiza this Evening

Last night in Ibiza

Last night in Ibiza for another year, I would like to make it back again with my friend Niels (Randy) if the Tea Party allow foreign travel ? And I don’t mean Texas. Those boys are giving Barry a run for his money….

P1370832 e1312139250945 377x564

Salinas, Ibiza

P1370795 377x251 Salinas, Ibiza

thinking NYC again, it’s not long now

P1280161 377x251 thinking NYC again, its not long now

Tomorrow is my last full day in Ibiza, I need to work but I need a fucking break from my life for a while. When I was younger I took pills, now the odd beer is not a replacement, I have music but I need more.. help me

P1380499 e1312057392974 377x564

The work of my little fella again

me.puter  377x251 The work of my little fella again

Still in Ibiza, just. The rain is making me wish I could get home earlier and get on with work. I have planned out a new group of large paintings that I want to get started on. Beyond childcare I intend to spend most of my time working on these paintings. Also there is photo organizing to do, I recently agreed to allow ‘Living Room’ to be reprinted for the 60th anniversary of Aperture, I never really wanted this to happen but the kids in the book really wanted it so I agreed. Anyway I found out today that the original film has been destroyed so the book is gone. So rather than just remake the original we will make an expanded version, so I need to get to work on that on my return to the U.K as the negs are stored there. If all goes well I would return to NYC with the prints for design and repro in September, so busy times ahead.

As for the design I would want to stick to Tibor Kalman’s original so that would be easy. There are 59 pictures in the original but I think I have around 500 that are good and unused so it’s going to be tough. Images that I didn’t like 20 years ago I really like now, time gives a different perspective on the work. What is sure is I will include the original 59 images.

Thunder and lightening here in Spain right now, I believe the football league starts today so it is kind of fitting, I don’t even know who Brighton have for their first game in the 2nd Divison or whatever it is called now a days. I must say I have enjoyed a summer without footy after last summer being a world cup year, I have enjoyed the peace. Back it’s back on now, so it’s Woking in the Conference South, The Albion in the Championship and Arsenal in big boy competitions as ever.

My son took this picture

P1380301 377x251 My son took this picture

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