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FLYER W1 377x591 TODAY !

Painting show tomoorrow, I have to hang everything by 6pm. God its good to be busy. What follows are some of the paintings from the show tomorrow , ‘Can I Call You Daddy’

Jacobs Ladder

P1300734 e1309409386127 377x564 Jacobs Ladder

Moses and the Burning Bush

P1300733 e1309409296890 377x564 Moses and the Burning Bush

Nights Templar

Nights.Templar 377x564 Nights Templar

Mary Magdalene

Mary.Magdalene 377x564 Mary Magdalene

Exhausted, hot, bothered right now but I have just made a cup of tea so I am looking for a revival, I’m going to need one as the ‘Surf Riot’ book launch is upon us in two hours. I could really do with a shower and a foot soak after running from pillar to post on the Subway all day. Away that’s enough complaints for now as tomorrow could well be worse.

P1300569 e1309368938582 377x564

P1300665 e1309368732772 377x564

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