At work in the West Bank

boys1 200x300 At work in the West Bank

New York City Cowboys

DickAlexi 300x225 New York City Cowboys

I was in Yolanda Cuomo’s Studio this morning and came across this picture on the wall of Richard Avedon and Alexi Brodovitch in Montana. I have no idea who made this great image which I an guessing is from the late 1960’s.

About Group

P11506551 300x200 About Group

This is ‘About group’ the band with the name you can’t google. I took some pictures of them recently, there new album is so good. They play live at the ‘Old Blue last’ in Shoreditch this Wednesday.

Thoughts on the Living Room Project

Finally after so many years it feels good to show this work again. When I first exhibited the pictures the reaction was mixed and the first book didn’t sell very well.  I wish I’d kept some to sell now. But the work’s reputation was growing and I moved on to other things. I never wanted the book to be reprinted as I didn’t want to be bogged down with dealing with the project as I moved forward.

Anyway that was not to be the case anyway – when Richard Billingham arrived on the scene 5 years later the game was up for my pictures, since from that point onwards most people believed the Living Room work was his not mine.

At the time I didn’t mind much as I had moved on to pastures new. In fact in many ways it freed me up completely. That was until last year, when I was back in Britain from Israel and the children from the Living Room project asked me to photograph them with their kids. I found myself back at work on the project again. This in turn made me look at the original work and I realised that I had many great images which have never been seen before.

So now I am re-evaluating the whole body of work.  I have unseen work from the project in the show at Lombard Freid in New York, I’m making new pictures, and the icing on the cake for now is that I have tentatively agreed to make an expanded edition of Living Room for publication for Aperture’s 60 birthday next year.

My main focus remains my new work, my Israeli settlers project and the publication of the work I made with Alexander McQueen before his death, but it feels the right time to republish and reclaim the Living Room project as my own.

Pene Hever

IMG 79901 300x225 Pene Hever

This is a house in the Israeli settlement of Pene Hever in the West bank south of Hebron. This picture was taken exactly one year ago.

This Morning

morning1 300x200 This Morning

Katie with show edit

P1160639 377x564 Katie with show edit

Shit I wish i could still focus

Installing by kevin

P1160638 377x564 Installing by kevin

At Lombard Fried installing before going to find the Arsenal Barca game

Surf Riots

Riot.11 Surf Riots

I took this picture at the Huntington beach surf riots in the 1980’s and it will be in my book ‘Made Glorious Summer’ published by Powershovel books from Japan later this year

Exhibition at Lombard Freid, NY

minor cropping may occur Exhibition at Lombard Freid, NY

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